Yinka Brand

This dude called “Yinka Brand” is a different kind of being – a different kind of specie. Not many understand him, not even his family members and some of his high-paying private clients and students.


Legend has it that he says this to himself everyday:


“I don’t succumb to pressure; I’m the pressure. I set my own rules of living.


I’m different. I’ve ALWAYS been different. I’m not like most people out there.”


A client once told him he’s weird as fuck. (Meaning something creepily out of the ordinary.)


Mr Brand as he’s fondly called, doesn’t do PROPOSAL and never accept pre-determined assignments. Every new client relationship with him ALWAYS begin with a day of consulting where he diagnoses what the problem really is….


He works from his home office in Lagos-Nigeria. And he likes to work without interruption, that is why to have a phone conversation with him, it has to be scheduled as an appointment a week to several weeks in advance.


He spends most of his time at PhronesisTable™ in his office writing newsletters, conceptualising ideas and developing products for ambitious brands to help them make more money, and teaching his students from around the world how NOT to give their power away and finance their world domination plans.


“With a lot of money and power,” says Mr Brand, “you can promote your own interest.”


This Gloabl Thinker & altBRANDING™ Expert is on a mission to helping ambitious underdogs – the little guys and chicks with big, hairy audacious goals – take their power back. He wants to help them live a life of freedom, affluence and power. He believes you can work from anywhere, and make as much as you want to make.


He’s an advocate of borderlessness. He believes you can change narrative from one spot. He believes NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!


From his home office in Lagos-Nigeria, he’s launched several world-changing projects and he’s been able to interview some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs like Adam Brain of Pencils of Promise, Mark Essein of Hotel.ng, Mattan Griffel of One Month, Jason Njoku of Iroko TV, Sahil Lavingia of Gumroad, Srinivas Rao of Unmistakable Media, Ayodeji Adewunmi of Jobberman & Gokada Rides and many more.


He is a proud mentee of Leke Alder, a participant of the 2021/22 cohort of the Leke Alder mentoring Programme (LAMP).


He is the mystic who invented the altBRANDING™ system and the Founder of altBRANDING™ academy.


altBRANDING™ academy provides better branding knowledge to fledging micro/small businesses and their owners.

"His dedication to empowering people is truly one-of-a-kind."
Alisha Zhao
Founder/Executive Director, Kids First Project
"True definition of a consummate professional."
tabot arreytambe
Tabot Arreytambe
Senior Associate, Product Manager-Data & Fruad at Capital One
"He is dependable..."
mabel suglo
Mabel Suglo
Co-founder/CEO, Eco-Shoes
"He has made impact using several platforms."
wale olajumoke
Wale Olajumoke
Life/Buisness Coach


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